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How To Keep Your Cat Fit

You want to keep your cat fit and healthy so you can enjoy him as a companion for a long time to come. While cats have nine lives, those nine lives will be very short ones if you don’t give them the proper care. And that includes fitness. Not only should they be eating a […]

Should You Get A Cat For Your Family

Deciding if a cat is the right pet for your family can be difficult. You want to make sure you are ready to handle cat ownership. Here’s how you can find out. How to Know If You’re a “Cat Family” It is very important that you don’t ever just jump into pet ownership before figuring […]

Inside or Outside Cat – Which Is Best?

Cats can live indoors or outdoors. It’s really up to the owner. There are certain things you’ll have to think about when deciding if you want an indoor or outdoor cat. There are also certain ways you’ll need to care for your cat. So here’s what you will need to consider when deciding where your […]

Ten Great Cat Breeds for Kids

So you have kids and you want to get a cat. Well, there are certain cats that are better for kids than others. You want to make sure you find just the right cat for your children. Check out these great breeds of cats for kids. Not all cats have the right temperament for kids, […]

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